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Mainmate Mainsail handling system by Jeckells The Sailmakers

Jeckells Stackpack (Mainmate)


The Jeckells Mainmate (Stack Pack) is designed to control any mainsail whether fitted with conventional or full length battens. Gone are the days of fighting your sail every time you raise, lower or reef. The Mainmate will keep control every time.

To stow away the sail only requires a simple pull on the zip.

The Mainmate is manufactured using the best quality acrylic which is resistant to UV. and most airborne pollutants and is available in an array of colours - phone us and ask for further details.

We also sew all our mainmates with anti-UV thread. 

The Jeckells Mainmate is simple to fit, slotting into the boom around the foot rope of your existing sail. It require no drilling or complicated fitting.

Mainmate comes complete with Lazyjacks and blocks to be fitted to the mast or spreaders and a separate wrap around boot to cover the luff and mast.