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Another winner!

Great performance

Never mind Britains Olympic success, What about My success in the Nobby Race with your sails, Also, The best sail of my life, at the Conway River festival, with over 20kts of wind, all the reefs out and all sail up. The famous photo of Velsheda being hit by a squall, was exactly the way we sailed for over five hours, Someone must have some brilliant shots of our undersides, we out sailed everyone on the day, the only problem was, we started 20 minutes behind the gun, and didnt know the course, So we just chased and overhauled every boat we could see, And a good day was had by all. Thanks again Chris. I am sailing the boat back tonight to Liverpool, with a bit of luck I will have her out of the water at the end of october, I will know more about the size of the rest of the sails.

Billy Thompson, Eleanora, Liverpool 

Date Added: September 2nd 2008