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We put one of Ferrari F1 team sponsors, Mubadala in the shade at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

Jeckells The Sailmakers put one of Ferrari F1 team sponsors, Mubadala in the shade at the recent Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 

Jeckells The Sailmakers has recently expanded its area of expertise to include Shade Sails and Tensile Structures and secured a contract to provide a set of four innovative Tensile Shade Sails to create a hospitality area for Mubadala, one of the Ferrari F1 Team sponsors, at the first ever  Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

Chris Jeckells, Managing Director of Jeckells The Sailmakers, comments: “We have provided Shade Sails and Tensile Structures to the commercial and leisure market throughout Europe but this job with Mubadala, one of Ferrari’s owners has put us firmly on the international map. The new Abu Dhabi circuit is built on quality, style and state of the art technology so we knew we had high standards to meet. We were also aware that we would face challenges in creating a membrane that could withstand the extreme weather conditions of the United Arab Emirates.” 

Jeckells The Sailmakers was approached with just a week to manufacture four asymmetrical canopies to form an outdoor extension to the Mubdala stand. Philip Davis, General Manager of Jeckells The Sailmakers, continues; “We worked closely with the client to identify the best possible material which would give both shade and light transmission. We devised a bespoke construction plan to ensure that the structure would endure the harsh environment once joined and tensioned to form the required shape. Each seam was glued and double stitched and the corners were double patched to give extra strength to support the rigging screw  tensioners”. 

All this extra technology and practical design did not deter from the aesthetic of the finished product - the attractive curves of the sails, the limited support structure required to mount the structure and the high level of architectural style used created a tranquil place from which Mubadala guests could enjoy the excitement and adrenaline of the last race of the 2009 Formula One season. 

Recent years have seen the sailing industry’s applications spread much further than simply sailing. Becoming an ever-increasing part of the service now offered by Jeckells The Sailmakers is the huge variety of Shade Sails and Tensile Structures being produced in conjunction with architects or directly with the end user. These require the same level of attention and technology as sail making but allow the company to expand their areas of expertise, which in an ever changing and uncertain market is paramount to longevity in the industry. 

Jeckells concludes; “As soon as the smoking ban came into place what was historically an industry developed to protect against the sun in predominantly a leisure-based market suddenly had a place in the commercial market and on a large scale. We responded to that demand quickly and have subsequently worked on several complicated and intricate shade sail designs for bars, pubs and restaurants to protect against all the elements. We were delighted when approached by our Representitive in Dubai to make the Tensile Shade Sails for one of Ferrari’s part owners and F1 sponsors, Morbadala - a new challenge in this exciting market giving us a new dimension to the service we offer our national and international clients.”


Date Added: November 23rd 2009