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Sailtainer joy!

Testimonial of another happy customer

Dear Chris,
We are complete converts to the roll in the boom Sailtainer system which you supplied, fitted and showed us how to use correctly around Easter this year.The sheer convenience coupled with the ability to reef completely from the cockpit without having to go to the mast to hook on the tack is great. With only two lines, halliard and reefing line we have been able to dispense with lazy-jacks and the ‘mess’ of the lines for the three reefs of the old system. Neater, tidier, safer and less windage, (life is so much quieter on the moorings at night!). You may remember that we first enquired about the Sailtainer at Excel in 2007, frankly I wish I hadn’t waited so long. We now have a full set of your sails on Perdix and my no.1 helmsman (Val, my wife) only has to see another yacht ahead of us to endeavour to overhaul them and pass to windward! I am relegated to sail trimming and the galley!  

Neville & Val Khambatta,

Perdix, (Hustler 35)Shotley Point Marina, Harwich.

Date Added: June 19th 2008