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  • Tel: 01603 782223
  • Address: Jeckells of Wroxham Ltd., Station Road, Wroxham, Norfolk, England, NR12 8UT

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to get the maximum pleasure
and fun from your yacht. 
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If you need advice on:
or trimming your sails
New sails 
Sail repairs
Reefing systems
Rig and sail plans
Deck layouts
Sail valeting or storage
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We have now office on the

South Coast and have many
agents around the country.
Let us take all the hassle
away from you so that you
can enjoy your winter..
Your sails work hard all summer.......Why not give them a break this winter?
After a hard season, most sails will benefit from a thorough inspection and valeting; don't leave them on board or in your garage over the winter as they will only deteriorate further.
Over the years we have developed an efficient system for both the low cost collection of sails, covers and rigging nationwide and for checking condition, valeting, repair and storage. Just talk to us and we will do the rest......
·    Arrange collection
·    Full inspection by our skilled Sailmakers
·    Prepare a condition report
·    Advise you of any costs, prior to any work
·    Store your sails, for free, in a controlled environment.
·    Return your sails in time for next season.

As you can see, not only can we solve your sail and valeting problems this winter but, subject to sail condition, we will even guarantee them for 12 months.
All of this at a reasonable price to give you an enjoyable season.

Jeckells is run by forward-thinking individuals who, together with dedicated staff, enable the company to constantly improve customer service.
We operate out of our purpose-built sail loft in Norfolk which means we are very competitive on price.  We now have an office on the South Coast too.
Jeckells have been at the forefront of many currently accepted 'standard practices'. Jeckells were the first to offer sail valeting...... all done by a man in a bath with two planks of wood strapped to his feet!!!!!!!! How things have changed!  They are now washed by machine, can have UV protection added, cloth stiffening agents added and, if requested, can be treated against mildew. We still put the same amount of care and skill into every sail we repair, valet or manufacture as did my forbears nearly two hundred years ago.  I hope you will allow us to pass on some of this knowledge, skill and experience to you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Jeckells
Managing Director (7th Generation)