Cruising Chutes


The Radial Head Cruising Chute is a high performance sail designed for the Cruising Yachtsman where ease of handling is of prime importance. No pole is required and the sail can be used with wind strength up to force four and as close as 70 degrees off the bow. This particular sail is light yet strong enough to withstand considerable pressure without distortion.

As a useful addition, we can supply a snuffer system to assist with launch and retrieval.

Why Buy a Jeckells Cruising Chute?

  • Supplied with the Jeckells Five Year Cruising Sail Guarantee
  • Computer designed and laser cut ensures accuracy
  • Available in any colour combination
  • Colour coded leech and foot tapes
  • Personalised logo can be sewn or painted onto the sail
  • Sails bags are supplied as standard
  • Continued support from our unique after sales service

Tri Radial Cruising Chute

Similar to the Radial Head Cruising Chute, the Tri Radial is designed for even greater performance through most conditions and may be sailed even closer to the wind.

The sail is constructed with panels radiating from each corner allowing the high wind loads to be taken along the warp yarns of the material keeping stretch and distortion to a minimum.

Launch and retrieval with a Jeckells Snuffer (Yo-Yo) System is definitely recommended for use with this sail.

Asymmetric Spinnaker

The Tri Radial Asymmetric spinnaker looks similar to the Tri Radial Cruising Chute, but is flatter cut for closer high speed use when reaching downwind.