Fully Battened and Combination Mainsail


The mainsail is the hardest working sail in any yacht’s wardrobe. It has to adapt to suit all weather conditions from zephyr to gale force and still provide the best performance. Confidence in our sail design, construction and material specifications allow us to give a Five Year Guarantee.

Fully Battened Mainsail

Our fully battened mainsails are designed to give you the best performance, reduce heel and increase drive all combined to give ease of handling especially when used in conjunction with a Jeckells Mainmate sail handling system.

Combination Mainsail

We can manufacture mainsails with battens which are almost full width in order to overcome the problems associated with older mast sections where the gate is well above the gooseneck. This type of sail may be used with the Jeckells Mainmate.


  • Radial patches
  • Camber/Chord stripes
  • Tell tales
  • Tapered fibreglass battens
  • Luff cunningham
  • Leech cunningham
  • Additional reefs
  • Flattening reef


  • All Cruising sails are Guaranteed for Five Years
  • We listen to your needs
  • Over 60,000 sail designs on record
  • Heavy Duty, Race or Charter Specification
  • All sails are computer designed and laser cut
  • Sail numbers and insignia are included
  • Sails bags are supplied as standard
  • Continued support from our unique after sales service