Storm Jib & Tri Sail


Every boat, large or small, which ventures into open water should, as part of its essential equipment, carry storm sails. The primary objective in designing a storm sail is to provide sufficient sail area to maintain handling ability without overpowering the boat in severe conditions. To withstand these conditions, the sail must be made to a high specification using heavy duty materials.


  • Colour coded luff and corner patches
  • Specially chosen sail cloth to absorb shock loading
  • Heavy duty Molybdenum stainless steel cringles
  • Seams cut parallel to leech to withstand shock loading
  • Sheet spliced in clew corner if required
  • Double width tablings and extra stitching for added strength

We have designed our storm sails incorporating a number of additional safety features to provide added reliability and ease of handling.


  • All cruising sails guaranteed for five years
  • We listen to your needs
  • We have over 60,000 sail plans on record
  • Sails are computer designed and laser cut
  • Sail numbers and insignia included
  • Continued support from our unique after sales service